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Volcano Land
SPRING TOUR (Tenerife)

Tour Overview

Volcano Land is our latest addition, in which you can enjoy a great supercar driving experience on our unique and incredible Canary Island tours. There are two kinds of tours on the Canary Islands: Volcano Land and Petrolhead Paradise. We have designed Volcano Land around leisure, luxury experiences and the relaxation of our clients. We have created driving holidays where you will have 2 relaxing days and 1 day on the road with a great itinerary and a delightful restaurant with amazing views of the volcano, in one of the most beautiful landscapes in a tropical environment in Europe.

This is a driving experience for couples so we have very carefully chosen the perfect luxury hotel placed right in front of the Atlantic sea. The hotel is filled with luxury details to complement the shining yellow and lighting blue beaches. You will be able to play golf, receive massages and discover their spa. They have twelve restaurants where you can enjoy spectacular food. This hotel has one of the most amazing suites in all of Europe, with an amazing private pool. Contact us here for more information.

To have your perfect driving experience in Europe, tell us your specific wishes so we can personalize the trip. If you would like more days or any changes to the tour features, just let us know and we'll make it happen.

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for 2 people


  • (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)


  • 4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS






  • 158 MILES



Day 1 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

At arrival, "SIXT" cars can be pick up at the airport, however, "PREMIUM" cars will be delivered the next morning at your hotel, and we will provide a private transfer to pick you up at the airport.

Arrive at south Tenerife´s airport, then you will be on your way to check in on your hotel. Have some time off, we recommend dinner at M.B. restaurant at the hotel.

Day 2 Teide´s mountain

On the second day you will experience one of the greatest views on the planet, you will go towards the amazing volcano called El Teide, (this is not a real hazard due to the nature of the volcano, which has a very slow activity, similar to Hawaii) you may take a refreshing beverage with sight towards the volcano on a lovely terrace of a hotel nearby.

Then you will go for lunch at one of the most amazing sights that any restaurant has on the island. Later! enjoy the road on the way back to the hotel which includes a romantic oriel to admire the island. Arrive at the hotel for some relaxing time.

Day 3 Free time

Day three is a day for relaxing in the hotel or also hire some extra activities for the day. However, you may call your “24 hours concierge service" provide by "On The Road” to hear some interesting itineraries ideas for the day, we know all about the Canary Islands.

Day 4 Airport

If flight allows it, you may go to a wonderful place called Pappagallo near the airport to have lunch. "PREMIUM" cars can be returned at the hotel the night before and a private transfer will be taking you to the airport, "SIXT" cars can be returned at the airport.

Extra activities

Boat ride in Tenerife

Flyboard in Tenerife

Jetski in Tenerife

Relaxing massage

Sky tour discovering in Tenerife

Sunset and stars on teide excursion



price from
for 2 people