Top 5 Racing Car Simulators

January 2018 - By On The Road

When we first start to prepare this article, will never imagine, how many companies make racing car simulators and that’s good but which is the best of them all?

The premise of the article was to find the greatest motion simulators that money can buy, based exclusively on the feelings each simulator had to offer compare to real life and after a big research we reach to an answer! Let´s find out!


The aeon is one of the softest, but! This may be good for some customers that are planning to use it on regular bases and spend hours on it.

The “little toy” costs about 23,000$ and we choose it against other rivals like “SimXperience Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator” which it may be better in some aspects but at the end, the AEON makes more sense in terms of value. It’s more adjustable and customizable and the motion experience is litter bit better.

Supports: PC

4. VGT: PRO CARBON 67,172$

If you are looking for F1 simulation this is your machine! It has Real-time adjustments, 4 motion actuators, and paddle shifter, giving you a realistic sensation especially after a while! You’ll get immerse on what you see! Feeling like you are on a real F1 car.

Seeking the best driving experience possible for homes, the VGT motion system really helps! With lateral g-forces that simulate corners with some reasonable accuracy and big screens, the simulation is complete.

Supports: PC


It may not be the heaviest motion simulator but is quite customizable and well planned, as they say, “The idea is to simulate the experience of racing, not duplicate it” and yes they claimed making a big effort to determine the exact amount and type of movement required to “trick” the brain into realistic simulation and yes, is true!

but we choose the CXC for all the extras that offers: 5.1 sound system with 1500 Watts (unlike most simulators), 4 different steering wheels and shifter types and a driving simulation software features more than 1,000 cars and 40 race tracks including Rally, F1, Nascar, etc. also and what’s more important as a personal point of view, the company will install any software requested by the final customer, been this the reason why the motion simulation systems work with a lot of accuracy unlike other simulators.

Supports: private CXC software plus request content by client


We choose the 4DOF not just because of a reasonable price or other matters, this thing is just great! The 4DOF has an extreme motion system as we never see before and we had a big discuss where to put it in the first place or not. This thing goes up to 2G and has furious realistic feedback motion! For a matter of value, this thing is a Ferrari for the price of a Mercedes-Benz

This machine has other priorities as we miss some details that other companies do offer like a more realistic steering wheel with the real-time adjustment possibility, now this could be fixed with the F1 steering wheel from Logitech that MOTION-SIM offers but this doesn’t work on all games, or other options like big screens for the panoramic view option regardless of this and other details this machine was built with one thing in mind, extreme driving experience without even moving from your house.

The simulator comes with a pc that controls everything and they support games such as GRID 2, Dirt 3, F1 2010 and RFactor.

The F1 2010 is a hardcore simulator and supports real-time adjustments through the Logitech f1 steering wheel! This game really simulates an f1 car (physically model) that’s why it wasn’t very popular when it first came out precisely because people find it hard! And never in the history of F1 nor a pilot said that piloting an F1 car was easy!

This proves once again that all the money on the world isn’t enough to reach a dream, and if I could develop a motion race simulator it would be very close to this indeed!
So! If you are looking for the extremist simulator there is on market, you may have to stop as the “4DOF Extreme 4X4” by MOTION-SIM is your machine!

Supports: PC


Cruden is the Rolls-Royce of private use simulators the company even customized the platform with any car model or any designed request by the client.

But first, let’s explained what this machine is really about! The Cruden: Hexatech Hexathrill Racing Simulator is not a game connected to a machine; this thing is really a car simulator! The Cruden integrates a supercomputer that is the heart and key of the simulation and makes this machine into the top of simulation machines that money can buy, as they are giving the same software and components that they give to F1 teams. The sophisticated technology behind this machine is astonishing.

Is also quite adjustable and customizable and they have all race styles; F1, Rally, Endurance etc. they even had a call support center. But for me, one of the best features is the three-seater option for friends and family or coaching!

The engineers of Cruden are willing to put any car model for professional teams to simulate variables and telemetry data, new components etc. all this on your home!
The simulator comes with a outstand station for the set up on the simulator, so it would be quite funny if your friend is riding and you suddenly decided to put some rain and extra wind! so that's a lot of fun!

They claimed to have a very low electric consumption such as 5 kWh but with that loud price! Am pretty sure that electric intake would not be a problem. So if you are a wealthy man on his 40s with the expectation of buying some thrills, you may want to stop and think about buying this thing! is the best simulator there is! look no further! The "Cruden - Hexatech Hexathrill Racing Simulator" is something else.

Supports: CRUDEN software (customizable)