Marbella Luxury Holidays

December 2017 - By On The Road

Marbella is one of the three top luxury tourism destinations in Europe along with Saint Tropez and Monaco. And yes! Marbella has all the leisure that a top luxury destination should have like clean and blue beaches, VIP clubs, golf course, luxury 5 stars beach hotels but Marbella has a lot more to offer!

With the rental supercar, helicopter services, yacht parties and sunny days! It´s also “On the road´s” luxury holiday pack called “Marbella beach & speed track” a holiday with the rush and excitement that the little child inside us is asking for.

Starting first on tour is Marbella. If you never been to Marbella you should know that Marbella´s famous area is the Yacht Club called Puerto Banus which is filled with top brand shops and restaurants ideal for the first day. You may want to show up on your supercar! That´s okay! there is plenty of spots where to park.

“On the road” recommends is also a good second-day option visiting Marbella´s old town on the south way, for is one of the places that best represent the south of Spain. The little traditional streets on a chaotic order leading into charming little typical squares were had something to drink and eat is a good way to plunge into Spanish culture. Is not that easy to park especially if you are in a supercar, anyway! you should be able to get a cab from the hotel and been on about 10 minutes top.

Next step to be visited; the grand town of Ronda and his astonishing old bridge right near the bullring. A visit is just an option on the program tour so you may have a promenade on the city center and lunch at the restaurant “El Parador de Ronda” near the famous old bridge then resume to the Ascari race resort for the pilot experience. Beware that this old town quite tight and there are few places to park near the bridge “On the road – Spain” will arrange the visit;, finding a parking, calling a cab, booking on restaurant and everything you want.

Next on tour is the exciting “Ascari race resort” for an unforgettable experience. This is one of the best private speed tracks on the world, not just because of the track in self which is quite amusing, is the; treat, installations, services that are on a five-star hotel equivalency having even a pool for the hot days.

They have various modalities of pilot experiences were having a lovely evening enjoying on a challenging and rugged track with corner replica from several famous speed tracks all over the world like the one who killed Alberto Ascari 1955.

Now is time for get some relax at the hotel located 60 miles away from Ascari, the journey is about 45 minutes taking regular program but if you haven’t had enough there is a lovely route through little empty roads (be careful) where you will get about an hour and half of natural landscapes towards Guadalhorce´s lake and nice village of Antequera to reach La Bobadilla Hotel.

The Bobadilla hotel is one very special place indeed, as the nature of the hotel is really meant to be a recreation of the little typical old village but just build a few years ago so you get modern accommodation and facilities with the charming feeling of old days, this hotel has the best of both worlds.

The hotel has all the facilities of a regular 5 stars proper from a luxury holiday and even more, the treatment you get from the stuff is exquisite, you can even notice a hard effort on their side to make you happy, excellent news for some deserve time to switch off from the world as you are almost on heaven.

Visiting the antique Musselmen city of Granada and his imposing Arabic fortress “La Alhambra” is the proper thing to do while you are in the south of Spain. The city in self is really a museum as the wonders had been well conservatism all over the city but it will take days to see it all, as you travel advisor we recommend to visit the famous Arabic fortress the “La Alhambra” which needs to be prepared with quite some time before visiting, “On the road - Spain” asks on booking process so they can buy the tickets for you at the entry is very restricted.

Now beware about the historic nature of this incredible city as the streets are impossible for regular cars so you can imagine been a nightmare if not impossible to park and even drive through some places, “On the road - Spain” managed a cab, place to park and itinerary so the experience in this magical city is just bright and perfect.

Finished the visit to Granada is time for some fun throughout the snowy mountain roads of “Sierra Nevada” to the final stage at a little white hotel called Calagrande at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with marvelous views.