Ferrari 458 civilized beast

March 2017 - By On The Road

Our latest incorporation Ferrari 458 Speciale is the newest creature of Maranello factory for track day cars. The evolution in this sporty version of the 458 is really madness; Ferrari even insinuates “that isn’t meant to be a version of the 458 Italia, that is really a whole new car”

This new “Ferrari 458 Speciale” really feels special! And we have the perfect route for it! The roads on “Pure Spain tour by On the road” are the ultimate roads for this type of track day supercar.

Anyway! Excellent job, really! Ferrari has learned to breed a horse with ecologic steroids! Apparently learning from the antecessors like the 430 scuderia, the 4.5 atmospheric V8 brings up to an incredible 605Hp at 9000 rpm without supercharged system (135hp per cylinder) great feat Ferrari!

The stability and handle are been improved and it feels keener to the road with a quicker throttle response, all these facts contribute to a more pleasurable and confident supercar: a “Speciale” civilized beast!

The feeling of safety roads is explained by a low population density on this part of Spain, also they are very few blind corners because of the orography. The routes existing are an all wonderful collection of very happy corners with long straights where you can feel the freedom and speediness that we all long for.