Ducati Diavel 2016 Driving Holidays in Spain

September 2017 - By On The Road

The Ducati Diavel is one of those motorbikes that really doesn’t have a clear competition is really a unique species, is an exclusive type of motorbike as not many motor brands produces this kind of “Monster”

Ducati Improved the Diavel with more stability, smoothly and comfort by lowering the gravity center and make it more pleasant to ride especially at low rpm. The nature of this motorbike is not clear but that’s the good thing about it, is ideal for a performance cruiser but has the madness and aggressive performance that gives you a great time drive in it through the empty roads of the heart of Spain.

The acceleration is brutal on street and race mode but so you may be carefully at the beginning if you never drove a Diavel, check first urban mode for starters then “street” and finally “race” mode, so you learn gradually.

Aesthetically Ducati has modified color, air takes, exhaust and headlights giving a refined and elegant shape for my personal taste.