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Grand Selection

One of the great assets that differentiate us & characterizes us is our Grand Selection of hotels, restaurants, roads, itineraries, villages & vehicles, this is the secret of our company. We spend months forming & testing our tours. Creating literally dozens of combinations and selecting only those who fulfill our strict quality standards.


We have tested and analyzed all our select hotels, we searched from hundreds of hotels, dismissing those who don't meet our very high strict established standards & requirements (want to know more about our quality standards? contact us here) Also, we analyze opinions from different sources to assure that the quality of our hotels its regular over time. We are monitoring the quality standards throughout our quality department who thanks to our client's feedback & own methods, are able to make sure the quality stays at the same level discharging any hotel if necessary.


Choosing the perfect itinerary and roads was a big and very important job for us, as the safeness & happiness of our clients, it's the most important concern to us. We select the roads with an order of priorities. First, security; we look for roads with enough width, almost no traffic and good pavement, then we searched for those itineraries that are pleasurable to drive, avoiding itineraries with lots of sharp curves but still having wonderful landscapes. Finally, we search for facilities such as petrol stations, places to stop for a beverage (including restroom) and even hospitals in case of abrupt medical emergencies.

Towns & Places

We know our country very well but even we had some surprises while searching & selecting from hundreds of millenary enchanting places & villages, so we hope this will be a very enjoyable experience for our clients. Is also good to remind that we choose major cities to have good airport connections.


We have the same method of selection as we do with hotels (want to know more about our quality standards? contact us here). We had searched from literally hundreds of restaurants to find those who are really good all the time and not just in high season. And also we monitoring those restaurants to make sure the food is always ¬°spectacular!


We have the latest models from the main brands on the world of cars (we are also able to offer classic cars) the vehicles are impeccably maintained, they are in perfect mechanical shape. We also offer playlist from Spotify, specifically designed for road travel bliss.